Hey beautiful world!

It’s been quite some time since I last posted due to exams that have been overwhelming me (it that even a legitimate excuse?).

Therefore, desperate to keep up with the postings, I have stumbled upon an application called: Dayre

Do you use Dayre?

I guess it’s not very popular now, but many people across the globe actually use it! I find it to be a very useful and fun app, has an easy-to-use interface, and it actually documents and archives your posts on a day-by-day basis. You can add stickers, pictures (did I mention you can edit the pictures before posting? Easy!), places (where your precious feet has landed on), just regular writing posts, and these are all very simple to upload!

In short, it is a mini blog, for those of you who wish to have sort of a day-by-day basis kind of diary blog (not necessarily diary, but it automatically archives your posts daily). It is somewhat like a social app too, so you can explore other dayre accounts and follow them!

It’s really cool all in all. And I’m totally hooked on to it right now because it is so easy and fast to use.

Do check out Dayre in the Play Market for android users (I’m using android phone!) or itunes/App Market for iPhone users for more details!

My dayre:

Have fun in the world my lovelies and if you’d be so nice, do pray for my exam which will commence in about….. an hour!

Wishes and kisses,

A daily dose of xclishmaclaver keeps the smile on all day


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