S.O.S: Am I being spoiled too much?

Okay. I have a boyfriend, Dan. He is my second boyfriend because the first relationship didn’t work out. Dan is probably the best boyfriend ever. He is so sweet to me and so caring and so thoughtful and loving and patient and blah blah blah. He is so perfect in my eyes. I’m dead serious. He is that good.

And that probably explains why I am so spoiled now.

We’ve been dating for almost 7mths now and I kind of… start to expect more from him. I don’t want to pressure Dan or make him unhappy… Honestly, I never control my boyfriend. I emphasise a lot on freedom and independence that I made a note to allow my boyfriend to take charge of his own life. The problem is… I get frustrated when he acts as if I am transparent when we are with other friends.

I don’t know if he feels awkward being himself with me in the presence of other people, but I feel uncomfortable. He seems so foreign whenever he does that. When I asked him about it, he would just say that he doesn’t want to be so close with me when others are around. But, does that include him ignoring or zoning me out most of the time? I don’t expect him to pay special attention to me all the time but I just hope he will not ‘ignore’ me whenever i ask him something.

I’m perplexed, confused and definitely weirded out. I also feel confused and a little alone whenever this happens. Am I being too clingy or spoiled?

P.S.: Please drop a comment and advise. I will treasure each and every comment generated. Thanks.

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