The greatest un…

The greatest unintentional intention is disparity

The greatest: The biggest

Unintentional: Not intended, harmless

Intention:  Intended, with a motive/goal to achieve

Is disparity: Gap

Putting it all together, my quote means: The biggest, harmless goal/motive is creating a gap

What gap? All of you may be wondering. 

Creating gaps (in terms of social, economical and political factors) are unintentional and human nature are inclined to them. To get to the top, you put in a considerable amount of effort in it. You reap what you sow. That is where intention comes in. Goals are to be met, your sights are set. It is undoubtedly an intention. However, It all makes sense. It is right to want to make a change to life. It is logically accounted for that this is how it all works. Therefore it is an unintentional intention. There will definitely be a disparity. The only question is: to what extent?

The world is so vast that no one has ever set foot on every single part of the world. There are so many people, so much knowledge and technology, that a disparity sets the benchmark/system to explicitly display the differences between contrasting issues. The only way to truly overcome it is to never ever lose the real you in the process of climbing the success ladder. Be a virtuous person who is humble yet firm, so that whatever is done that is done in goodness, certainly his/her life will be a life that is beautiful. 


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