New blog! Fresh from Yours Truly, Kate

Always being ticked off for eating recklessly without much consideration (which I have paid a huge price for… FYI: my inside and outside are pretty much screwed), and with much deliberation, I have chosen to create a new blog (sort of like a ‘sister’ blog). The blog is titled at ‘The Health Diary of Kate’ and will document how I go about working to ‘transform’ myself into a better person both on the inside and outside.

It has not been an easy decision. I knew that in some way or another, by going up a notch in my diet, I will be up against lots of temptations from all directions (Singapore has many, many, many delicacies… and I’m not even kidding!). However, overall I feel that it will be a really good challenge. I get to slim down, have healthier skin and body, feel fresh and good about myself, and even benefits such as cultivating discipline and perseverance.

The road is long and definitely it will be tumultuous, but no matter what, I am willing to take up this challenge. Not only for myself, but also to share with everyone else my experiences and hopefully (fingers crossed!), I am not the only one on this journey.

So come now and join me in building a healthy community at:

Till then!


P.S.: I’m not moving on to an entirely new blog! xClishmaclaver is my baby and I’m never giving it up! It’s just that now I have two blogs to handle and I’m pretty much excited about it. So stay tuned babes 😉


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