Never look for …

Never look for a perfect man. Look for a man who can make your life wholesome, even when they make your life upside down.

I once had the perfect man of my life. He was well-loved by my family and friends, and treated me well. He was quite well-to-do, and seemingly he fulfilled all of my criteria in what I look for in a boyfriend. However, there was definitely something missing in the relationship that I decided that I had to move on. What was missing? Mutual trust and understanding. We did love each other, cared for each other and were able to complement each other well, but for some reason, we don’t do well with conflict. We were like an ‘inseparable’ separable couple. We go along well, but whenever we run into conflicts, all the love went out the door. Our relationship did not have a good foundation, which led to so many problems along the way. Now, I have the most annoying, most childish, and most intelligent (he always exposes what’s on my mind and is clever in logic) man; but to me he is also caring, lovely, thoughtful, understanding and he makes my life beautiful each and every day.

Thank you for loving me, my wonderful one and only ❤


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